• The purpose of course sponsorship is to provide a support structure for the National FARMEDIC Training Program. Experience has shown that simply training instructors, without them having a sponsoring organization to work with, rarely results in long term success. A Sponsor may be a hospital, fire department, regional / local training facility or someone who realizes the importance of offering this training to their community.

    Once a sponsor has been identified, contact the National FARMEDIC Training Program to find a local FARMEDIC Training Program Instructor (regional or state) to come to your community to put on a course.

    Please contact us by phone at 800-822-3747 ext 176 or by e-mail at farmedic@mcneilandcompany.com to arrange a course.


    The following items are necessary components of a successful National Farmedic Training Program training course and are to be provided by the sponsor. At least 4 weeks prior to the start of the course, a National Farmedic Training Program representative and a representative of the Sponsor will confirm the availability and suitability of all necessary items. National Farmedic Training Program understands that there is considerable time and effort involved with hosting this course. Therefore, we can offer positions in the class to help offset your involvement. An active course sponsor needs to assure the availability of these items:

    • Classroom facilities. These facilities must be comfortable, efficient, able to be darkened, and equipped with the following:
      • LCD/Power Point projector
      • Overhead projector
      • Spare bulbs for projectors
      • 1/2″ VHS video tape player with monitor cables
      • Appropriate color monitors on tables or stands
      • Extension cords for projectors, video player, and monitors
      • Chalkboard or easel and markers
    • Farm(s) to tour. This farm should have as many different machines and structures as possible representing the local agriculture. This is the beginning of the grassroots effort and community awareness by having the farmer as part of the course.
    • A work site for the practical farm machinery extrication sessions. This site needs to be at least 200′ by 200′ and not covered with any hard surface. At this site the “hands-on” portion of the course will take place.
    • Heavy rescue equipment and tools for the farm machinery extrication sessions. This equipment and tools must be available for this scheduled time period.
    • An officer of the rescue company providing the tools is necessary to fulfill Safety Officer responsibilities during the extrication sessions.
    • Junk farm equipment for the extrication evolutions. Some of this equipment may be destroyed. The following pieces are recommended:
      • One (1) tractor to turn over [drain fluids before turning over].
      • Two (2) additional tractors that will not be damaged.
      • Various power-take-off (PTO) driven implements – a minimum of two (2) are recommended (example: a baler and a mower for demonstrations).
      • Two (2) pieces of farm equipment for disassembly/heavy metal cutting stations.
      • Other pieces as local agricultural practices dictate (to be discussed with Instructor).
    • Equipment to arrange the junk equipment must also be available to Cornell Farmedic Training Program before and during the extrication sessions (ex. a loader or forklift to position mannequins).
    • Arrange for the delivery and removal of junk equipment to the practical work site.
    • Six (6) Mannequins will be required for the extrication sessions. These mannequins should be as life-like as possible yet able to withstand severe distress.
    • Medical training supplies such as jump kit, backboards, KED, etc. The more life like the training, the better we practice and learn.
    • Safety – An ambulance, with crew, must by available during the entire extrication sessions.
    • Acceptance of the National Farmedic Training Program Safety policy.


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