• First On The Scene is a program that teaches farm family members, farm employees and the general community how to make important decisions at the scene of a farm emergency. Farming is an occupation that exposes workers to many hazards. The key to survival involves not getting caught by these hazards. This program will lead participants through various scenarios that will force them to think about typical injury incidents and make proper decisions and reactions to them. This program is intended for all farm groups such as farm managers, employees, spouses, 4-H and FFA groups, etc.. Participation as a family or as a farm work group is encouraged.

    Decisions and actions need to be made and implemented in a logical order…if not, you risk injury or death to yourself, or you may cause further injury to the victim. You may be the critical link in the chain of survival.


    • Tractor Overturns
    • PTO Entanglements
    • Machinery Entanglements
    • Grain Bin Emergencies
    • Silo Emergencies
    • Manure Storage Emergencies
    • Chemical Emergencies
    • Electrical Emergencies
    • Reporting Farm Emergencies


    From 15 to 45 minutes for each module. Typical presentations run from one and one-half to two hours. A full half day would be needed to include all of the modules at one time. There is an opportunity to expand some of the course content such as including first-aid and CPR training. Contact us to arrange a course by phone – 1-800-437-6010 or by E-mail – farmedic@mcneilandcompany.com.

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