Service Awards for Fire & EMS Volunteers

For more than 30 years, Penflex and McNeil & Co. have been providing specialized services to fire and EMS organizations.

Now, backed by our combined expertise and commitment our current and prospective clients have a broad range of services they may select from to better position their organization for the future.

Penflex Actuarial Services, LLC provides comprehensive administrative, actuarial and consulting for Length of Service Award Programs (LOSAP) for volunteer firefighting and emergency service organizations.

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Our Commitment to LOSAP

Penflex leadership helped craft the first ever laws to establish LOSAPs in New York State, a major distinction from our competition. Our LOSAP reputation continues to grow as Penflex now services LOSAP plans in other states as well.

Unlike competitors that partner with outside actuaries to handle the technical side of LOSAP, Penflex has in-house actuaries that create reports, review and answer your questions. This creates a beneficial relationship for our clients who receive insightful expertise and knowledge while at a personal service level.

With Penflex, you can expect:

  • Proven LOSAP and fire/EMS service expertise

  • Transparency about program costs-with access to an actuary that can talk you through key decisions

  • A plan to fit your organization, from program design and local voter approval, to daily plan administration

  • On-site or virtual meetings with boards and volunteers

Whether you’re an organization looking for new incentives to support your volunteers-or already have a LOSAP you’d like for us to review-we’re fully ready to support your needs!

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