The Best Way to Grow Your Business is to Partner with Specialists.

At a time when markets are increasingly crowded and commoditized, specialized insurance is the best way to grow your agency’s business. And McNeil & Co. is specialized insurance.

We believe in offering real value, committing to clients’ long-term business success and knowing our specialty categories so deeply that we’ve created the smartest programs available in the industry.

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Less competition,
More expertise.

We extend that expertise to the agents we work with—and we can help expand your potential client base.

Over almost 30 years, we’ve grown from one program to more than a dozen by focusing on our strengths: deeper understanding of clients’ businesses and commitment to better value, stability and service in every category.

We’re not interested in a temporary market or one-size-fits-all policy – and we’re looking for new partners that share our values.

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