Comprehensive Excess & Surplus Lines Coverage for Businesses Centered on On-Premise Alcohol Consumption

More than any other company, we understand the needs and exposures associated with operating a bar or club—and we’re better prepared than other companies to offer Excess & Surplus lines coverage for businesses centered on on-premise alcohol consumption. We provide a full range of coverages within one program, and we can design a plan tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Eligible classes of business include:

  • Neighborhood bars, pubs and taverns
  • Wine bars
  • Cocktail lounges
  • Comedy clubs
  • Nightclubs and discotheques
  • Restaurants with high-percentage alcohol sales
  • Fraternal Organizations

Acceptable exposures include:

  • 100% alcohol sales
  • Dancing
  • Live entertainment
  • Incidental gambling
  • Ladies night
  • Temporary serving locations
  • Bottle Service

Smart coverage made even smarter by risk management services

Our approach goes far beyond traditional insurance coverage, and we’ve assembled a complete package of insurance and risk management services to help you run a safer, more secure operation. All of our clients get 24/7 access to our E-Learning online training and risk management tools—including bartender training—that can help educate employees, reduce claims and save money over time.