Rewards and Incentives for What Matters Most: Your Members and Their Families

Creating a Benefits package for your emergency services volunteers recognizes the dangers they bravely face and helps to reward their commitment and sacrifice. We know all too well that unforeseen events can occur during emergencies, despite even our most ambitious safety measures.

By offering a McNeil & Co. Benefits package, you can provide for the financial needs of members who suffer tragic accidents or fatalities, events that can leave families without fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers.

Protecting families. Promoting loyalty.

You also offer an incentive to future volunteers, who join with the confidence of knowing there’s a financial safety net below them. With options like our Length of Service Award Program, you can help recruit and retain members with special benefits for their sustained commitment.

Our national program comes with the risk management services and industry expertise you can expect from any McNeil & Co. policy. Support your members with a customized benefits package—and the attention and expertise you can only expect from people who live and breathe the emergency services industry.

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