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Risk Management

McNeil & Company 4:31 pm

RISK is defined as the possibility of suffering harm or loss or a danger.  Every organization which performs similar jobs face similar risks.  And yet, some organizations can be accident free for years, while for others, poor outcomes seem to be unfortunate regular occurrences.

At McNeil & Co., we are committed to the reduction of loss through innovative loss  control measures which include risk assessment, risk management, training and education.

Our home office risk management staff is made up of people with extensive backgrounds in risk management and loss reduction services.  In addition, they have hands-on expertise involving fire protection and suppression, emergency medical services and municipality management.

The field staff includes people with similar qualifications and knowledge. They are very cognizant of issues of local significance since many of them are intimately involved in these matters in their local areas.

The McNeil Risk Management Department believes that our services bring value to clients reducing loss occurrence and associated costs.  Working in partnership with our clients, we identify loss exposures and develop the most effective measures to control these exposures.  In meeting this goal, we are committed to these proven principles of risk management:

  • Provide services to our clients by utilizing the most professional loss control representatives who have the expertise in operations similar to that of our clients.
  • Take a proactive role in evaluating and controlling client loss exposure.
  • Provide training and other vital information to meet the client’s loss control needs.
  • Provide a distribution network so that all clients can avail themselves of the finest services and training obtainable.

Be sure to check out our Risk Management Resources for items like Safety Posters and SOP’s and our E-Learning site for online training available 24/7.

To request additional training or services, please contact our Loss Control Department.