• Comprehensive Insurance for the Home Medical Equipment Industry and for O&P Facilities

    Eligible HME/DME Businesses Include:

    • Dealers
    • Distributors
    • Retail Operations
    • Orthotics & Prosthetics Facilities

    The home and durable medical equipment industry deserves support from people that understand it. HOMed offers comprehensive insurance and risk management from people who live and breathe the industry. Designed specifically to meet the needs of HME/DME dealers, distributors, and retailers—as well as O&P facilities—HOMed can provide an extensive insurance package tailored to your business.

    Coverage made more complete by industry-specialized risk management services

    Our approach goes beyond just insurance, with a full range of risk management services—including training courses developed by medical equipment and O&P experts—to answer the need for vital employee training, help reduce claims and save money over time. Like no other company, we understand the challenges and potential exposures associated with these industries—and we’re ready to create an insurance package to fit your business today.

    Download our HOMed overview brochure for more information.

    Surety Bond Application

    Virtually all HME and O&P Facilities must provide the National Supplier Clearinghouse with a surety bond valued at no less than $50,000. Please take the time to complete the Surety Bond Application.

    • We offer customized coverage in these key areas:

      Home Medical Equipment & Durable Medical Equipment Dealers
      For retail businesses that provide medical equipment directly to the consumer, including protection for rental of product, delivery, assembly, maintenance and instruction in customers’ homes

      Medical Equipment Distributors
      For those businesses that wholesale or distribute soft goods, home medical equipment and/or durable medical equipment

      Orthotic & Prosthetic Facilities
      Our O&P Plus program extends coverage to orthotic and prosthetic facilities that design, develop, fit and manufacture orthoses and prostheses.


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        Our E-Learning platform is available 24/7 to meet the needs of the student. These online courses are offered free of charge to our insureds. Additional classes are being developed on a regular basis, so check back often to see new opportunities.
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