Agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries in America. Each year, needless injuries and deaths occur to farmers, family members, farm employees, and rescue personnel. Emergency responders often lack knowledge of the nature of farm machinery, chemicals, and farm structures; in addition, some rescue techniques may actually increase the risk to the victim and rescue personnel. Training and education in the methods of farm/rural rescue are essential for proper response and safety of the rescuer and patient. The main goal of the National Farmedic Training Program developed by Cornell University is to provide rural fire/rescue responders with a systematic approach to farm rescue procedures that address the safety of both patients and responders.

The National Farmedic Training Program, owned and operated by McNeil & Co., includes the Provider Training Programs in which certified instructors will use classroom work, farm tours, demonstrations, and hands-on extrications with mannequins in real life scenarios to train local responders. An outreach program for the rural community at-large called First On The Scene is also available.