“ESIP’s proactive approach to risk management is absolutely imperative to our profession.”

  • Quality Emergency Services Insurance for Volunteer Fire Departments, Rescue Squads & Ambulances Services:

    Since 1989, McNeil & Company has been proudly serving the unique needs of volunteer, career, and combination fire departments, fire districts, rescue squads, and ambulance services, providing a real choice in a limited marketplace.


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    Why ESIP?


    The Emergency Services Insurance Program (ESIP) addresses insurance needs of fire and emergency organizations nationwide. Coupled with loss control and training services, ESIP offers a complete safety and protection package unrivaled in the marketplace. Download our Reasons to Choose flyer for more information.

    Our goal is to share our resources, and partner with our clients to help reduce losses through effective risk management practices; however, when unforseen circumstances take us by surprise, our main focus is the implementation of quick and efficient recovery measures.  Along with the many who were effected by Super Storm Sandy, Hoboken VAC shares thier experience and recognizes 4 of thier members for thier selfless aid in saving the life of one of thier residents. Read the full story of Hoboken VAC’s Medal of Honor acnowledgment.

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    Learn More About ESIP


    Our Emergency Services Insurance Program (ESIP) is one of the most innovative and comprehensive insurance programs available today, with coverage that is continually enhanced in response to current claim scenarios and state-specific issues.

    The unique nature of the coverage provided by ESIP is the result of years spent observing and analyzing fire departments, fire districts, rescue squads, and ambulance services throughout the United States.  This intimate understanding of the exposures faced on a daily basis by emergency service organizations has allowed us to craft such specialized coverages.

    Learn more about ESIP benefits for your organization’s members, such as Accident & Sickness coverage, Group Term Life, and Length of Service Award Programs.


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    Our E-Learning platform is available 24/7 to meet the needs of the student. These online courses are offered free of charge to our insureds. Additional classes are being developed on a regular basis, so check back often to see new opportunities.
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    Our Programs

    We offer some of the most comprehensive insurance coverages in the industry. Let us propose a customized insurance package for your organization.
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