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  • Coverages

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    Commercial General Liability
    Business Automobile
    Emergency Apparatus
    Portable Equipment
    Umbrella/Excess Liability
    Accident and Sickness
    Critical Illness
    Cyber Liability

    ESIP Property provides Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage for your Real Property (buildings) and Personal Property. Our comprehensive program also provides protection for a wide range of additional property exposures, including:

    • Business Income and Extra Expense
    • Equipment Breakdown
    • Computers and Communications Equipment
    • Valuable Papers, Software and Data
    • Newly Acquired Property
    • Money and Securities
    • Flood and Earthquake

    Designed specifically to meet the special insurance needs of emergency service organizations like yours, ESIP’s General Liability coverage goes beyond a standard commercial policy, including:

    • Emergency Services Liability (Occurrence or Claims Made basis) – covers such things as, directors and officers liability, employment related practices liability, and employee benefits liability
    • Fire and Rescue Service Liability – covers such things as, medical malpractice liability, emergency services errors and omissions, and dispatchers liability
    • Pollution Liability and Corrective Action Costs
    • Non-Owned Aircraft and Watercraft Liability
    • Fellow Member Liability
    • Injury to Volunteers

    Offering Commercial or Government Crime coverage, we expand the definition of employee on our crime policy to include non-compensated officers, directors and board members, treasurers and tax collectors as well as volunteer workers. Coverage is available for the following exposures:

    • Employee Theft – Blanket or Position Schedule
    • Forgery or Alteration
    • Theft of Money and Securities

    ESIP Business Automobile coverage is designed to protect your organization and its members from potential lawsuits arising from motor vehicle accidents and applies to your vehicles as well as those of your members while they are engaged in their duties for you. Coverage for damage to your private passenger type vehicles can also be provided. Available coverage options include:

    • Liability Coverage including Hired and Non-Owned
    • No Fault / Personal Injury Protection
    • Medical Payments Coverage
    • Uninsured / Underinsured Motorists Coverage
    • Fellow Member Liability
    • Injury to Volunteers
    • Physical Damage Coverage (including Comprehensive and Collision)
    • Full Glass Coverage
    • Towing and Labor

    The Emergency Apparatus coverage in our ESIP policy is designed to provide physical damage coverage for your emergency vehicles on an Agreed Value basis, with a scheduled limit of insurance selected by you. With this coverage, we pay the lesser of the Agreed Value, the actual replacement cost or the repair cost of the vehicle. Numerous coverage enhancements are provided for additional exposures such as:

    • Members’ Vehicles
    • Substitute Apparatus
    • Newly Acquired Apparatus
    • Hired Apparatus
    • Rental Reimbursement
    • Towing and Labor
    • Full Glass

    ESIP Portable Equipment provides Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage for property normally used away from your premises in the performance of your duties as an emergency services organization. This covers such things as turnout gear, defibrillators, EMS kits, portable radios and pagers. Additional exposures include:

    • Commandeered or Impounded Property
    • Members’ Property
    • Patients’ Property
    • Scheduled Other Property
    • Permanently Installed Property Off Premises
    • Computers and Software (away from your premises)

    Our Umbrella/Excess Liability policy is designed to provide extra limits of insurance above the primary limits provided under our package policy. It also covers damages and any legal defense costs you incur if the coverage under the primary policies is exhausted. Excess limits can be provided for the following:

    • Automobile Liability
    • Commercial General Liability
    • Emergency Services Liability
    • Fire and Rescue Service Liability
    • Employers Liability

    ESIP’s Accident & Sickness policy is designed to provide your financial security for your members, with benefits to address the many concerns your fire and emergency medical services personnel have should they become injured or ill while performing duties for your organization. Our comprehensive benefits include:

    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    • Loss of Life – Sickness
    • Permanent Physical Impairment
    • Cosmetic Burn Disfigurement
    • Medical Expense
    • Weekly Disability
    • Family Expense
    • Family Education
    • Physical Assault
    • Permanent Physical Impairment Education
    • 24-Hour Accidental Death and Dismemberment – Injury Only

    Cyber liability claims are on the rise, and ESIP is ready to respond. If your organization has laptops, smart phones, cell phones, copiers, fax machines, stored patient and/or members’ personal information, flash drives, etc. you could experience a breach in security that will cost thousands of dollars to rectify. Our Cyber Liability coverage provides protection in 5 parts:

    • Network Security Liability Coverage
    • Privacy Violation Coverage
    • Cyber Extortion Coverage
    • Security Breach Notice Coverage
    • Crisis Management Coverage
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