• NY Firefighter Cancer Coverage

    The New York State Volunteer Firefighter Enhanced Cancer Disability Benefits Act was designed to mirror the paid firefighter cancer disability law. As of January 1st, 2019, every fire department and company in the state of NY with eligible members must show proof of coverage. This is an unfunded, mandated law.

    What does it provide?

    • Lump-Sum Upon Cancer Diagnoses
    • Total Disability Benefit – Paid Monthly
    • Lump-Sum Death Benefit


    • Five Years of Interior Firefighter Status
    • Five Years of Documented Fit Tests
    • Physical Exam Prior to Commencement of Duties as an Interior Firefighter
    • or for Active Volunteer Firefighters who entered the fire service prior to January 1, 2020, documentation identified by the Office of Fire Prevention and Control

    Interior Firefighter Definition:
    Insured Firefighter means an Active Volunteer Firefighter having five or more years of Faithful and Actual Service in the protection of life and property from fire as an Interior Firefighter and having successfully passed a Physical Examination which failed to reveal any evidence of Cancers; and having submitted proof of five years of Interior Firefighting service by providing verification that he or she has passed at least five yearly certified mask fitting tests as set forth in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 or the current National Fire Protection Association standards for mask Fit Testing or, for Active Volunteer Firefighters who entered the fire service prior to January 1, 2020, documentation identified by the office of fire prevention and control including but not be limited to, training or certification records, health care provider records, internal fire department records, or any combination of official documents capable of evidencing that the firefighter meets the requirements of this section.

    How can I purchase it?

    Using our simple online application, you can receive your policy in just a couple of minutes.

    NY Firefighter Cancer Benefit E-Learning

    We put together a quick E-Learning to guide you through the new requirements. No registration required.

    Upcoming Events

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    Additional Resources

    NY Firefighter Census
    NY Firefighter Census Worksheet
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Volunteer Firefighter Enhanced Cancer Disability Benefits Program – Final Regulations
    NYS General Municipality Law Section 205-CC

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