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Statement Regarding Goldens Bridge Fire District

McNeil & Company 12:46 pm

Over recent weeks, misinformation has spread about our role in a legal matter between Arch Insurance, which insures the Goldens Bridge Fire District, and the Goldens Bridge Fire Department, which is a separate entity and is insured by a separate insurance company.

In February 2014, a fire broke out when volunteer firefighters from the Goldens Bridge Fire Department were working on the department’s 1998 Chevy Suburban. The fire caused millions in damage to the building, which is owned by the Goldens Bridge Fire District, insured by a McNeil & Co. (ESIP) policy for which Arch is the carrier.

There has been a misrepresentation about the claim involving the Goldens Bridge Fire Department and the Goldens Bridge Fire District, which are two separate entities and are insured by two separate insurance companies.

McNeil & Co. and Arch paid the claim and reimbursed the Goldens Bridge Fire District for damages to its building, in accordance with their policy.

Just as appropriately, Arch pursued subrogation by filing a lawsuit asking a federal court to determine whether Goldens Bridge Fire Department—and thus its insurance policy and carrier—bears any responsibility for damages caused by the fire. This is a standard practice in such insurance matters. Arch owes it to their policyholders and—as a public corporation—to their shareholders to pursue recovery when it is possible.

For more than 25 years, McNeil & Co. has offered unique expertise in insurance and risk management for emergency service organizations. Many of our staff, colleagues and agents are themselves veterans or active volunteers in the fire service, and we pair this hands-on experience with professional insurance and legal insights to more effectively relate to the needs of our clients. Our organization takes pride in the lasting relationships we have built through superior service, risk management and claims handling, and we will continue to serve our clients’ interests.

We proudly stand with Arch Insurance as they work to do what is right on behalf of our shared client and look forward to resolving this matter in an appropriate manner. We appreciate that someone caught us doing the right thing for our client and their fire district.