$25,000 Advancement for the Village of Middleville Volunteer Fire Department to Begin the Recovery Process

Print McNeil & Company 4:57 pm

Residents in Herkimer County are still feeling the impact of the severe flooding from last week’s storms. Firefighters in the area have been working around the clock to help evacuate effected neighborhoods and protect their communities, all while facing the wrath of the flooding themselves. Some departments in the area, like the Village of Middleville Volunteer Fire Department, have suffered significant property damage and are facing an extensive recovery process.

In an effort to help our policyholder bounce back quickly, in conjunction with Bill VanGorder and NBT Insurance, ESIP has provided Middleville Volunteer Fire Department with a $25,000 advancement check for the damage to their fire station. Bill has worked tirelessly with our in-house claims department to provide the advancement as the claims process remains ongoing.

In addition to property damage coverage for fire departments, should a fire department member sustain loss or damage to their primary residence, our policy provides up to $1,000 to reimburse them for reasonable and necessary living expenses due to loss of use of their residence for up to 3 days following the loss. We will also pay up to $1,000 to reimburse the property damage deductible from the member’s personal insurance policy. Coverage applies if the loss or damage is sustained while the member is in route to an emergency scene, at an emergency scene, and returning directly from an emergency scene to the member’s permanent residence, place of employment or the fire department.