Marketing to Millennials

Print McNeil & Company 4:39 pm

By: Tim Woitach

As baby-boomers continue to retire and millennials are thrust into leadership positions, we are seeing a changing landscape in the insurance industry. Decision-makers are becoming younger and more diverse, driving carriers and agents to communicate with their customers through different channels. But how do you reach these consumers? Here a few tips from a millennial to help you get started:

Be Genuine: We’ve grown up bombarded with advertising and are conditioned to be skeptical of insurance professionals and salespeople in general. Honesty and openness will go a long way in building a relationship with a millennial.

Talk With, Not At: There is no quicker way for an insurance agent to alienate this generation than to tell us what we have to do. Just rattling off the selling points of your products and services won’t get you far. We want to be included in the conversation and learn as much as possible about the intricacies of what we are buying. Have an interactive discussion and work with your clients to determine the best fit for their needs.

Look Internally for Feedback: Your current staff can be your best resource. Do you have millennials working at your agency? Let them give you feedback on your marketing campaigns and provide input on what appeals to them.

Cultivate an Online Presence: It is no secret that this generation spends significantly more time online.  To reach us, you have to have a voice on social media and your information has to be accessible through digital channels. Don’t be afraid to join in discussions and interact with users, we won’t bite.

Offer Live Chat Options: While previous generations are comfortable on the phone, millennials prefer digital channels of communication. We are used to getting any information we want with a click of a button and expect the same from our insurance provider. Offering your customers the option to message with a live representative who can handle their inquiries in real time can help set your agency apart.

Be Mobile-Friendly: Young people are constantly on the move, making mobile-friendly marketing and messaging essential. Make sure your marketing campaigns and emails are viewable on smartphones and tablets to help ensure they reach your customers.

Repurpose Your Existing Materials: A lot of millennials are visual learners. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach more people by only offering text resources. Creating videos and infographics with the content you already have can help you reach new customers and appeal to this generation of consumers.

Millennials make up the largest population in the workforce today. We are well informed and demanding, but if you take the time develop a strong relationship, we can be your most loyal clients and greatest advocates. As this generation continues to grow into leadership roles, it is essential that your agency’s marketing efforts grow with it.


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