8 Social Media Tips for Insurance Agents

Print McNeil & Company 12:18 pm

As technology continues to advance, social media platforms have become an integral part of an insurance agents marketing efforts. Do you know how to use these tools to increase your agency’s reach? Here are 8 tips to help you leverage social media on behalf of your agency:

Determine Where to Reach Your Target Market: Find out what social networks are most frequented by your clients. You want to focus your targeted content on the right social media platforms for optimal ROI.

Create Relevant and Useful Content: Whether it’s a blog post or infographic, make sure that the content you create is relevant to the customers you serve. Stay up to date on the “hot button” issues of the industries you serve and create content addressing these topics. In the realm of social media, quality is greater than quantity.

Share Curated Content: You are an insurance agency, not a content publisher. Although it is important to create native content when you can, it is beneficial to share posts from industry thought leaders as well. Developing relationships with respected publishers can increase your visibility and help you reach a wider audience within your target markets.

Post Regularly: Reaching your follower base regularly is essential to establishing your agency’s social media presence and developing relationships. A good rule of thumb is to post once a day on Facebook and Twitter and two to three times a week on LinkedIn.

Use Pictures and Videos: Using media with your content can increase follower interaction and post shareability. However, make sure the pictures and videos you use are cohesive with the content you’re posting and avoid re-using the same pictures too frequently.

Establish a Two-Way Conversation: Social media is the perfect medium to interact with your customer base and create an open dialogue. Make sure you create a platform for customers to speak and interact with your agency. You should be responding to every comment, review or inquiry posted on your page as soon as possible, good or bad. Your agency can earn the trust of your followers and exude authenticity by responding to criticism and resolving any issue that may arise.

Stay Authentic and On Brand: Establish the image you want to portray and create a voice that coincides with your company goals and mission statement. Don’t overreach and post on topics that aren’t related to your business or use social media slang terms to try to relate to a new audience. These actions come across as disingenuous and can do damage to your brand.

Analyze Your Post Results and Adjust: Whether it’s with Facebook Insights or Google Analytics, it is important to look at the results of your social media posts. This will allow you to see what topics are successful in creating follower interaction as well as what types of content and media breed discussion. Once you have a solid grasp of the content your followers are looking for, adjust your future posts to fit the established template.

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