Accident & Surety Insurance for Independent Contractors

The insurer of choice for 400 daily newspapers, 125 distribution companies and nearly 30,000 independent contractors throughout the US, Wilson Gregory provides vital accident protections for contractors, part-time and non-benefited employees.

Independent contractors are not covered by workers’ compensation. But they are at risk of denied medical and auto claims, medical bills and responsibility for their substitutes in the case of an accident. And more than 90% of all reported accidents occur On-Route.

WGA offers a policy that’s simple, easy to pay for and designed to cover your needs.

Don't want until you're injured to find out you're not insured.

What is it and what is covered?

  • 24-hour accident insurance covering you while engaged in distribution activities or engaged in non-distribution activities

  • Weekly disability benefit if you are injured and cannot fulfill your contractual obligations

  • Death benefit paid to your named beneficiary

Your automobile coverage will not cover any bodily injuries resulting from distributing newspapers.


  • Pays benefits for accidental bodily injury

  • Helpers, spouses, children and dependents ages 9-90 can enroll

  • Premiums are 100% deductible for self-employed contractors


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