• If your organization has enrolled for Benefits with McNeil & Co., you’re eligible for protections in the event of an accident or emergency.

    In a world of insurance that has become increasingly commoditized, impersonal and solely price-driven, McNeil & Co. offers a different direction.

    Your leadership has taken an important step to protect and support what matters most: members and their families. Now make sure you understand what your package includes, identify your beneficiaries and access key coverage resources.

    McNeil & Co. Benefits recognizes the risks that emergency services members face and helps to provide for the financial needs of members who suffer accidents or injury with a wide range of available coverages and benefits.

    Want to know exactly what your policy includes and make sure you’re covered?

    1. Contact your program officer to confirm the details of your policy.
      Your organization has worked with a McNeil & Co. agent to develop a Benefits package that fits your needs. Check with them to confirm exactly what yours includes.
    2. Make sure you complete a beneficiary form.
      Your organization should collect beneficiary forms for all members – this information is required to ensure that your preferred beneficiary is contacted and receives any financial benefit in the event of an accident or emergency.
      If you have not completed this step, you can download a standard form here.

    Note: Benefits policies and included coverages vary—check with your organization leadership to confirm which of the following are included in your package.

    • Available Benefits Include:

      Death Benefits (On-Duty)

      Lump sum benefit paid for loss of life due to injury or illness

      Critical Burn (On-Duty)

      Supplemental benefits paid for disfigurement caused by burns

      Disability Income (On-Duty)

      Weekly income paid for disability caused by injury or illness

      Medical Expense (On-Duty)

      Coverage for medical care and related expenses

      Post-Traumatic Stress Benefit (On-Duty)

      Coverage for counseling as needed following traumatic events

      Family Expense (On-Duty)

      Reimbursement for travel and other family costs if receiving medical treatment

      Assist America Emergency Services (On- and Off-Duty)

      Global emergency medical evacuation and repatriation while traveling
      Click here to download your Global Emergency Services card.
      Download the Assist America mobile app: App Store | Google Play

      Tethys Patient Advocacy Services (On- and Off-Duty)

      Expert case management and advocacy to ensure care for critical burns and cardiac treatment
      Click here to get more information about patient advocacy services.

      Accidental Death & Dismemberment (Off-Duty or Dual On/Off-Duty)

      24-hour AD&D coverage available

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