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  • Event Recorder Customer Satisfaction Survey

    McNeil & Company 2:46 pm

    Your organization received Rosco Dual Vision event recorders. We here at McNeil & Company are always seeking to improve our services and as such are interested to know how satisfied you are with the cameras and in any suggestions you may have. We would appreciate a few minutes of your time to give us your feedback.

    Thanks in advance and if we may be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact our Risk Management Customer Service Line at 1-800-822-3747 or at losscontrol@mcneilandcompany.com.

    Rosco Dual Vision Camera

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      1.)Was the ordering process easy?YesNo
      2.)Were the cameras delivered in a timely manner?YesNo
      3.)Were there any installation problems?YesNo
      4.)Have the cameras performed to your expectations?YesNo
      5.)If you encountered any problems, was Rosco able to resolve them?YesNoN/A
      6.)Has the software proved useful?YesNo
      7.)Have you found the cameras easy to use?YesNo
      8.)Please share any particular successes you've had with the cameras:
      9.)Additional comments:
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